Übersetzung von “rebel” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countablerebel /ˈrɛbəl/
sb who fights against their government
rebelle masculine

rebels hiding in the mountains
des rebelles se cachant dans les montagnes
sb who opposes authority
rebelle masculine

As a young man, he saw himself as a rebel.
Jeune homme, il se voyait comme un rebelle.


verb intransitiverebel /rɪˈbɛl/ ( rebelling, rebelled )
to show your dislike of rules or authority by not obeying
se rebeller

teenagers who rebel against their parents
des adolescents qui se rebellent contre leurs parents
to fight against your government
se rebeller

a radical group that rebelled against the ruling party
un groupe radical qui s'est rebellé contre le parti au pouvoir

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noun /ˈrebl/

a person who opposes or fights against people in authority, eg a government

The rebels killed many soldiers
(also adjective) rebel troops.

a person who does not accept the rules of normal behaviour etc

My son is a bit of a rebel.
rebellion /rəˈbeljən/ noun

an open or armed fight against a government etc.

He led an armed rebellion against the government.

a refusal to obey orders or to accept rules etc

teenage rebellion against parental control.
rebellious /rəˈbeljəs/ adjective

rebelling or likely to rebel

rebellious troops/children.
rebelliously adverb

en rebelle
rebelliousness noun

esprit de rébellion

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