Übersetzung von “receive” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb transitivereceive /rɪˈsiv/
formal =get; to be given sth

She received some beautiful gifts.
Elle a reçu quelques magnifiques présents.

to receive a phone call
recevoir un appel téléphonique
to be treated in a particular way

You will receive the best care possible.
Vous recevrez la meilleure attention possible.

The movie received little attention.
Le film a reçu peu d'attention.
≠send; to be able to hear or see a broadcast, message, etc.

The phone wasn't sending or receiving text messages.
Le téléphone ne recevait ni n'envoyait de SMS.
formal to suffer an injury

She received multiple injuries to the head.
Elle a reçu de multiples blessures à la tête.
formal (usually passive) to have a guest in your home, workplace, etc. on a formal visit

The president was received by the queen.
Le président a été reçu par la reine.
on the receiving end of
getting a particular type of treatment, especially bad treatment
qui fait les frais de

women who are on the receiving end of violence at home
des femmes qui font les frais de la violence conjugale

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verb /rəˈsiːv/

to get or be given

He received a letter
They received a good education.

to have a formal meeting with

The Pope received the Queen in the Vatican.

to allow to join something

recevoir, accueillir
He was received into the group.

to greet, react to, in some way

recevoir, accueillir
The news was received in silence
The townspeople received the heroes with great cheers.

to accept (stolen goods) especially with the intention of reselling (them)

He was found guilty of receiving stolen goods.
receiver noun

the part of a telephone which is held to one’s ear

She picked up the receiver.

an apparatus for receiving radio or television signals.


a person who receives stolen goods.


a person who is appointed to take control of the business of someone who has gone bankrupt.


a stereo amplifier with a built-in radio.

(poste) récepteur
receive is spelt with -ei-.

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