Übersetzung von “recover” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbrecover /rɪˈkʌvər/
intransitive to feel better after being sick, a bad experience, etc.
se remettre , récupérer

She is recovering from her illness.
Elle guérit de sa maladie.

The stock market has not yet recovered.
La Bourse ne s'est pas encore remise.
transitive to get back sth lost or stolen

The soldiers went back to recover the bodies.
Les soldats sont retournés récupérer les corps.

The family will never recover the money.
La famille ne récupérera jamais l'argent.
transitive to be able to use or feel again

She gradually recovered the use of her legs.
Elle recouvra progressivement l'usage de ses jambes.

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verb /rəˈkavə/

to become well again; to return to good health etc

recouvrer (la santé)
He is recovering from a serious illness
The country is recovering from an economic crisis.

to get back

The police have recovered the stolen jewels
He will recover the cost of the repairs through the insurance.

to get control of (one’s actions, emotions etc) again

se reprendre
The actor almost fell over, but quickly recovered (his balance).
recovery noun

(an) act or process of recovering

The patient made a remarkable recovery after his illness
the recovery of stolen property.

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