Die Übersetzung von "redeem" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


verb /rəˈdiːm/

to buy back (something that has been pawned)

I’m going to redeem my gold watch.

to set (a person) free by paying a ransom; (of Jesus Christ) to free (a person) from sin.


to compensate for or cancel out the faults of

His willingness to work redeemed him in her eyes.
Redeemer noun

(often with the) Jesus Christ.

redemption /rəˈdempʃən/ noun

the redemption of man by Christ.
past/beyond redemption

too bad to be redeemed or improved

irrémédiable, irrécupérable
This report is so badly written that it’s akmost beyond redemption.
redeeming feature

a good quality that somewhat makes up for the bad qualities in a person or thing

qualité qui rachète les défauts
His one redeeming feature is that he is completely honest in what .he says.

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