Übersetzung von “reflect” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbreflect /rɪˈflɛkt/
transitive (usually passive) (of a mirror, water, etc.) to show an image on its surface

The buildings were reflected in the harbor.
Les immeubles se réflétaient dans le port.
transitive-intransitive to redirect light, sound, heat, etc. from a surface
refléter , réfléchir

a material that will reflect light to make the room brighter
un matériau qui reflète la lumière pour éclairer la pièce
intransitive to think about sth

time to reflect on the day's events
du temps pour réfléchir aux événements de la journée
transitive to reveal or be a sign of sth

The way you decorate your house reflects the kind of person you are.
La manière dont on décore sa maison refléte le genre de personne qu'on est.

reflect on

verb phrasalreflect on [ riˈflɛkt ˌɒn, ˌɔn ]
to give an impression of sb or sth
reflects well/badly on
donner une bonne/mauvaise image

An incident of this kind reflects badly on the school.
Un incident de ce genre donne une mauvaise image de l'école.

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verb /rəˈflekt/

to send back (light, heat etc)

renvoyer, refléter
The white sand reflected the sun’s heat.

(of a mirror etc) to give an image of

She was reflected in the mirror/water.

to think carefully

réfléchir (à)
Give him a minute to reflect (on what he should do).
reflecting adjective

able to reflect (light etc)

a reflecting surface.
reflection /rəˈflekʃən/ noun ( reflexion)

reflet; réflexion
She looked at her reflection in the water
After reflection I felt I had made the wrong decision
The book is called ‘Reflections of a Politician’.
reflective /-tiv/ adjective


réfléchi; de réflexion
a reflective mood.


Reflective number-plates.
reflectively adverb

avec réflexion
reflector noun

something, especially of glass or metal, that reflects light, heat etc

Having reflectors makes cyclists much more visible to car drivers in the dark.

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