Die Übersetzung von "refresh" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


verb /rəˈfreʃ/

to give new strength and energy to; to make (a person etc) feel less hot, tired etc, eg after or during a period of hard work

revigorer; rafraîchir
This glass of cool lemonade will refresh you.
refreshing adjective

giving new strength and energy; having a cooling and relaxing effect

revigorant; rafraîchissant
a refreshing drink of cold water.

particularly pleasing because different from normal

It is refreshing to hear a politician speak so honestly.
refreshingly adverb

d’une manière qui fait du bien
refreshments noun plural

food and drink served eg at a meeting

Light refreshments are available in the other room.
refresh someone’s memory

to remind (someone) of the facts and details of something

rafraîchir la mémoire de
Let me refresh your memory as to what happened.

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