Übersetzung von “regard” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounregard /rɪˈgɑrd/
uncountable a feeling of liking or respect for sb or sth
égard masculine

a man with no regard for women
un homme sans égard pour les femmes

She clearly had no regard for anyone else's feelings.
Elle n'a manifestement pas le moindre égard pour les sentiments d'autrui.
hold sb in high regard
to have a lot of respect for sb
tenir qqn en grande estime
regards plural
greetings or best wishes

Send your parents my regards.
Transmets mes amitiés à tes parents.
in/with regard to
=concerning; on the subject of
en ce qui concerne

With regard to her depression, there are several things we can try.
En ce qui concerne sa dépression, il y a plusieurs choses que nous pouvons tenter.


verb transitiveregard /rɪˈgɑrd/
=view, consider; to think about in a particular way

I regard Jim as a member of the family.
Je considère Jim comme un membre de la famille.

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verb /rəˈɡaːd/

(with as) to consider to be

I regard his conduct as totally unacceptable.

to think of as being very good, important etc; to respect

tenir en (…) estime
He is very highly regarded by his friends.

to think of (with a particular emotion or feeling)

I regard him with horror
He regards his wife’s behaviour with amusement.

to look at

He regarded me over the top of his glasses.

to pay attention to (advice etc).

tenir compte de
regarding preposition

about; concerning

Have you any suggestions regarding this project?
regardless adjective, adverb

not thinking or caring about costs, problems, dangers etc

sans souci de; quand même
There may be difficulties, but I shall carry on regardless.
regards noun plural

greetings; good wishes

Give my regards to your mother
He sent her his regards.
as regards

as far as (something) is concerned

pour ce qui est de
As regards the meeting tomorrow, I hope as many people will attend as possible.
with regard to

about; concerning

I have no complaints with regard to his work.
with regards is sometimes used in ending a letter. with regard to means ‘about’.



sympathy; care; consideration

He shows no regard for other people.

good opinion; respect

I hold him in high regard.

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