Übersetzung von “relax” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbrelax /rɪˈlæks/
intransitive to rest or do things more slowly or calmly
se relaxer , se détendre

I spent the weekend relaxing at home.
J'ai passé le week-end à me relaxer chez moi.
transitive-intransitive to loosen

Relax the muscles in the your face.
Relâchez les muscles de votre visage.

Allow the muscles in your face to relax.
Laissez les muscles de votre visage se relâcher.
transitive to make less strict or severe

plans to relax the laws against casinos
des projets pour assouplir les lois contre les casinos


noun uncountablerelaxation /ˌrilækˈseɪʃən/
relaxation feminine , assouplissement masculine

rest and relaxation
repos et relaxation

the relaxation of copyright laws
l'assouplissement des lois sur les droits d'auteur

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verb /rəˈlӕks/

to make or become less tight or tense or less worried etc; to rest completely

(se) relaxer/relâcher
The doctor gave him a drug to make him relax
Relax your shoulders
He relaxed his grip for a second and the rope was dragged out of his hand.

to make or become less strict or severe

The rules were relaxed because of the Queen’s visit.
relaxation /riːlӕks-/ noun

I play golf for relaxation
Golf is one of my favourite relaxations.

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