Übersetzung von “release” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb transitiverelease /rɪˈlis/
=free; to allow a prisoner to go
relâcher , libérer

They released three of the hostages.
Ils ont relâché/libéré trois des otages.
to let go of sth

Push the button down, then slowly release it.
Enfoncez le bouton puis relâchez-le.
to allow information to become publicly known

Police have released a statement.
La police a publié un communiqué.
to allow to come out of

The explosion released deadly gases into the air.
L'explosion a dégagé des gaz mortels dans l'air.
to make a book, movie, etc. available to the public
faire paraître

His latest CD will be released next week.
Son dernier CD paraîtra la semaine prochaine.
to do sth that allows an emotion or feeling to go away

Yoga is a way to release tension.
Le yoga est un moyen de relâcher la tension.


nounrelease /rɪˈlis/
uncountable when a prisoner is allowed to go
libération feminine

the safe release of all the prisoners
la libération sans risque de tous les prisonniers
uncountable a public announcement
communiqué masculine

a press release
un communiqué de presse
uncountable the action of allowing sth to come out of sth
déversement masculine

the release of toxic waste into the water supply
le déversement de déchets toxiques dans les réserves d'eau
countable-uncountable a book, movie, etc. that has recently become available to the public, or the process of releasing one
parution feminine

this week's new releases
les nouvelles parutions de cette semaine

the release date for the book
la date de parution pour le livre
the act of allowing an emotion or feeling to go away
relâchement masculine

a release of tension
un relâchement de tension

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verb /rəˈliːs/

to set free; to allow to leave

He was released from prison yesterday
I am willing to release him from his promise to me.

to stop holding etc; to allow to move, fall etc

He released (his hold on) the rope.

to move (a catch, brake etc) which prevents something else from moving, operating etc

He released the handbrake and drove off.

to allow (news etc) to be made known publicly

autoriser la publication de
The list of winners has just been released.

to offer (a film, record etc) to the general public

Their latest record will be released next week.



something that is released

nouveauté; communiqué
This record is their latest release
The Government issued a press release (= a statement giving information about something, sent or given to newspapers, reporters etc).

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