Übersetzung von “relief” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounrelief /rɪˈlif/
a feeling of happiness when sth unpleasant is past or avoided
soulagement masculine

It was a relief to discover that nothing had been stolen.
C'était un soulagement de découvrir que rien n'avait été volé.

Relief showed on her face.
Le soulagement s'inscrivit sur son visage.
uncountable a decrease in sth unpleasant
soulagement masculine

pain/stress relief
le soulagement de la douleur/tension

Rain showers brought some relief from the heat.
Les averses ont quelque peu atténué la chaleur.
uncountable aid or assistance for people who need help
secours masculine

Relief is being sent to the flooded areas.
Du secours est envoyé dans les zones inondées.

relief workers
des travailleurs sociaux
uncountable permission not to pay all of sth
dégrèvement masculine , allègement masculine

debt/tax relief
allègement de la dette / dégrèvement fiscal

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noun /rəˈliːf/

a lessening or stopping of pain, worry, boredom etc

When you have a headache, an aspirin can bring relief
He gave a sigh of relief
It was a great relief to find nothing had been stolen.

help (eg food) given to people in need of it

(de) secours
famine relief
(also adjective) A relief fund has been set up to send supplies to the refugees.

a person who takes over some job or task from another person, usually after a given period of time

(de) relève
The bus-driver was waiting for his relief
(also adjective) a relief driver.

the act of freeing a town etc from siege

the relief of Mafeking.

a way of carving etc in which the design is raised above the level of its background

a carving in relief.
relieve /-v/ verb

to lessen or stop (pain, worry etc)

The doctor gave him some drugs to relieve the pain
Aid is being sent to relieve the hardship of the refugees.

to take over a job or task from

You guard the door first, and I’ll relieve you in two hours.

to dismiss (a person) from his job or position

relever (de)
He was relieved of his post/duties.

to take (something heavy, difficult etc) from someone

débarrasser de
May I relieve you of that heavy case?
The new gardener relieved the old man of the burden of cutting the grass.

to come to the help of (a town etc which is under siege or attack).

relieved adjective

no longer anxious or worried

I was relieved to hear you had arrived safely.

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