Die Übersetzung von "rely" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


verb /rəˈlai/

to depend on or need

compter sur
The people on the island relied on the supplies that were brought from the mainland
I am relying on you to help me.

to trust (someone) to do something; to be certain that (something will happen)

compter sur
Can he rely on him to keep a secret?
He can be relied on
That is what will probably happen, but we can’t rely on it.
reliable /-ˈlai-/ adjective

(negative unreliable) able to be trusted

Is he reliable?
Is this information reliable?
reliability noun

reliably /-ˈlai-/ adverb

from a reliable source; by a reliable person

de source sûre
I am reliably informed that the Prime Minister is going to resign.
reliance /-ˈlai-/ noun

dépendance (de)
a country’s reliance on aid from other countries
a child’s reliance on its mother.
reliant adjective

dépendant, confiant

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