Übersetzung von “remote” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


adjectiveremote /rɪˈmoʊt/
(of a place) far away from other places and difficult to get to
lointain/-aine , isolé/-ée

a remote island
une île lointaine
slight or unlikely
infime , vague

a remote possibility/chance/hope
une maigre possibilité / chance infime / un vague espoir
using a computer to do sth from a place that is far away
à distance

remote access to the college library services
l'accès à distance aux services de la bibliothèque universitaire
=aloof; (of a person) detached from other people and not friendly

his remote manner
ses manières distantes
(of a period of time) a long way from the present

a movie set in the remote future
un film se situant dans un avenir lointain

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adjective /rəˈmout/

far away in time or place; far from any (other) village, town etc

a remote village in New South Wales
a farmhouse remote from civilization.

distantly related

a remote cousin

very small or slight

a remote chance of success
He hasn’t the remotest idea what is going on.
remotely adverb

au loin; faiblement
remoteness noun

éloignement; faible degré (de)
remote control

the control of eg a switch or other device from a distance, by means of radio waves etc

The model plane is operated by remote control.

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