Übersetzung von “remove” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb transitiveremove /rɪˈmuv/
to take away

He was removed from the building.
Il a déménagé de l'immeuble.

Remove any personal information from the computer.
Supprimez toute information personnelle de votre ordinateur.
formal =take off; to take off an item of clothing

He removed his jacket and hung it up.
Il enleva sa veste et l'accrocha.
to get rid of a difficulty, problem, etc.
se débarrasser de

employers looking for ways to remove the need for training
des employeurs cherchant des moyens de se débarrasser du besoin de formation
to dismiss from a political position

a politician who was removed from office
un politicien qui a été démis de ses fonctions

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verb /rəˈmuːv/

to take away

Will someone please remove all this rubbish!
He removed all the evidence of his crimes
I can’t remove this stain from my shirt
He has been removed from the post of Minister of Education.

to take off (a piece of clothing)

Please remove your hat.

to move to a new house etc

He has removed to London.
removable adjective

removal noun

the act of removing or the state of being removed, especially the moving of furniture etc to a new home

renvoi; (de) déménagement
After his removal from power, the dictator was sent into exile
Our removal is to take place on Monday
(also adjective) a removal van.
remover noun

a person or thing that removes

détachant; déménageur
a stain remover
a firm of furniture removers.

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