Übersetzung von “repeat” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb transitiverepeat /rɪˈpit/
to say or do sth again or several times

Can you repeat this sentence after me?
Pouvez-vous répéter cette phrase après moi ?

I'll never repeat that mistake.
Je ne renouvellerai jamais cette erreur.

a repeating rhythm
un rythme répétitif
=recount; to tell sb information that sb else told you

Do not repeat a word of what I said.
Ne répéte pas un mot de ce que j'ai dit.


noun countablerepeat /rɪˈpit/
sth that is repeated

a repeat of last night's argument
une répétition de la discussion d'hier soir
=rerun; a TV show, radio show, etc. that has been broadcast before
rediffusion feminine

There's never anything on except repeats.
Il n'y a jamais rien mis à part des rediffusions.

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verb /rəˈpiːt/

to say or do again

Would you repeat those instructions, please?

to say (something one has heard) to someone else, sometimes when one ought not to

Please do not repeat what I’ve just told you.

to say (something) one has learned by heart

The teacher asked her to repeat a poem.
repeated adjective

said, done etc many times

In spite of repeated warnings, he went on smoking.
repeatedly adverb

many times

à maintes reprises
I’ve asked him for it repeatedly.
repetition /repəˈtiʃən/ noun

(an) act of repeating.

repetitive /rəˈpetətiv/ adjective

doing, saying, the same thing too often

His speeches are very repetitive
My job is a bit repetitive.
repetitively adverb

de façon répétitive
repetitiveness noun

caractère répétitif
repeat oneself

to repeat what one has already said

se répéter
Listen carefully because I don’t want to have to repeat myself.
to repeat (not repeat again) the lessons.

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