Übersetzung von “reply” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb transitive-intransitivereply /rɪˈplaɪ/ ( replies, replied )
to answer by saying or writing sth

They didn't reply to our invitation.
Ils n'ont pas répondu à notre invitation.

"Do you want to come?" "Yes," she replied.
"Veux-tu venir ?" "Oui" répondit-elle.


noun countable-uncountablereply /rɪˈplaɪ/ ( plural replies )
a written or spoken answer
réponse feminine

Send your reply to the address below.
Envoyez votre réponse à l'adresse ci-dessous.

"No way!" was her immediate reply.
"Pas question" a été sa réponse immédiate.
in reply to
as an answer to
en réponse à

I received an email in reply to mine.
J'ai reçu un e-mail en réponse au mien.

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verb /rəˈplai/

to answer

‘I don’t know,’ he replied
Should I reply to his letter?
She replied that she had never seen the man before
She replied by shrugging her shoulders.
to reply to a letter (not reply a letter).


noun (plural replies)

the act of answering

What did he say in reply (to your question)?

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