Übersetzung von “report” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countablereport /rɪˈpɔrt, -ˈpoʊrt/
an account of sth
rapport masculine , compte-rendu masculine , communiqué masculine

He was asked to give a report on the conference.
On lui a demandé de donner un compte-rendu de la conférence.

to write a report
écrire un rapport /compte-rendu

a news report
un communiqué de presse
Brit report card
bulletin masculine de notes

She had a good report.
Elle a eu un bon bulletin de notes.


verbreport /rɪˈpɔrt, -ˈpoʊrt/
transitive-intransitive to give an account of sth
rendre compte de , faire un rapport sur , signaler

a journalist reporting from the war zone
un journaliste en reportage dans la zone en guerre

Earlier, we reported on a merger between the companies.
Précédemment, nous avons rendu compte d'une fusion entre les sociétés.

He reported hearing gunshots.
Il a signalé avoir entendu des coups de feu.
transitive to tell an official about sth that has happened

Did you report the incident to the police?
Avez-vous rapporté l'incident à la police ?

We reported him missing.
Nous l'avons déclaré disparu.

report to

verb phrasalreport to /rɪˈpɔrt ˌtu, tə, -ˈpoʊrt/
to have sb as your boss
travailler sous les ordres de

I report directly to the president.
Je travaille directement sous les ordres du président.

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noun /rəˈpoːt/

a statement or description of what has been said, seen, done etc

a child’s school report
a police report on the accident.

rumour; general talk

According to report, the manager is going to resign.

a loud noise, especially of a gun being fired.

reporter noun

a person who writes articles and reports for a newspaper

Reporters and photographers rushed to the scene of the fire.
reported speech

indirect speech.

discours indirect
report back

to come again and report (to someone); to send a report (to someone)

présenter son rapport à
He was asked to study the matter in detail and report back to the committee.



to make a complaint about; to give information about the misbehaviour etc of

The boy was reported to the headmaster for being rude to a teacher.

to tell someone in authority about

He reported the theft to the police.

to go (to a place or a person) and announce that one is there, ready for work etc

se présenter (à)
The boys were ordered to report to the police station every Saturday afternoon
Report to me when you return
How many policemen reported for duty?

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