Übersetzung von “reproduce” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbreproduce /ˌriprəˈdus, -ˈdyus/
transitive to make a copy of sth, or do sth again in the same way

The papers have been reproduced with the authors' permission.
Les articles ont été reproduits avec l'autorisation de leurs auteurs.

an atmosphere that would not be possible to reproduce
une atmosphère qui serait impossible à reproduire
transitive-intransitive formal to have babies
se reproduire

animals that reproduce every few weeks
des animaux qui se reproduisent toutes les quelques semaines

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verb /riːprəˈdjuːs/

to make or produce a copy of; to make or produce again

Good as the film is, it fails to reproduce the atmosphere of the book
A CD player reproduces the sound which has been recorded on a CD.

(of humans, animals and plants) to produce (young, seeds etc)

se reproduire
How do fish reproduce?
reproduction /-ˈdak-/ noun

the act or process of reproducing

He is studying reproduction in rabbits.

a copy (of a work of art etc)

These paintings are all reproductions.
reproductive /-ˈdaktiv/ adjective

of or for reproduction

the reproductive organs of a rabbit.

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