Übersetzung von “reserve” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbreserve /rɪˈzɜrv/
transitive-intransitive to arrange to have a theater ticket, train ticket, hotel room, etc.

Do we need to reserve tickets?
Est-ce qu'on doit réserver les billets ?

I've reserved three rooms at the hotel.
J'ai réservé trois chambres à l'hôtel.
transitive to keep sth for later or for particular people

The front row has been reserved for family members.
Le premier rang a été réservé pour les membres de la famille.


nounreserve /rɪˈzɜrv/
countable-uncountable a stored supply
réserves feminine plural , stock masculine

the country's oil reserves
les réserves de pétrole du pays
in reserve
en réserve

We have a thousand euros in reserve for emergencies.
Nous avons mille euros en réserve pour les urgences.
uncountable the quality of not liking to talk or express your feelings
réserve feminine , retenue feminine

He's known for his reserve.
Il est connu pour sa réserve/retenue.
countable sb who can be used for a job if they are needed
remplaçant/-ante masculine-feminine

the team's reserve players
les (joueurs) remplaçants de l'équipe
the reserves
a military force that is used when other forces are busy
réservistes masculine plural

He's in the reserves.
Il fait partie des réservistes.
countable-uncountable Brit a reservation for animals
réserve feminine

a nature reserve
une réserve naturelle

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verb /rəˈzəːv/

to ask for or order to be kept for the use of a particular person, often oneself

The restaurant is busy on Saturdays, so I’ll phone up today and reserve a table.

to keep for the use of a particular person or group of people, or for a particular use

These seats are reserved for the committee members.
reservation /rezə-/ noun

the act of reserving

the reservation of a room.

something (eg a table in a restaurant) which has been reserved

Do you have a reservation, Sir?

a doubt.

He has some reservations about the new legislation.

a piece of land set aside for a particular purpose

an Indian reservation in the United States.
reserved adjective

not saying very much; not showing what one is feeling, thinking etc

a reserved manner.
have/keep etc in reserve

to have or keep (something) in case or until it is needed

avoir/garder en réserve
If you go to America, please keep some money in reserve for your fare home.



a piece of land used for a special purpose eg for the protection of animals

a wildlife reserve
a nature reserve.

the habit of not saying very much, not showing what one is feeling, thinking etc; shyness

Brits are usually known for their reserve and politeness.

(often in plural ) soldiers, sailors etc who do not belong to the regular full-time army, navy etc but who are called into action when needed eg during a war.


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