Übersetzung von “resolution” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounresolution /ˌrɛzəˈluʃən/
countable an official proposal that people vote for or against
résolution feminine

a UN resolution
une résolution de l'ONU
adopt a resolution
to accept a proposal
adopter une résolution
countable a promise to do sth
résolution feminine

I have made a resolution to get more exercise.
J'ai pris la résolution de faire davantage d'exercice.
countable-uncountable the act or process of solving a problem
résolution feminine

conflict resolution
résolution de conflit

a peaceful resolution of the crisis
une résolution pacifique de la crise
uncountable the feeling of being determined
résolution feminine

full of resolution to succeed
rempli de la résolution de réussir
uncountable the level of detail in an image from a camera, on TV, etc.
résolution feminine

a high resolution photo
une photo en haute résolution

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noun /rezəˈluːʃən/

a firm decision (to do something)

He made a resolution to get up early.

an opinion or decision formally expressed by a group of people, eg at a public meeting

The meeting passed a resolution in favour of allowing women to join the society.



the act of resolving (a problem etc).

resolute /-luːt/ adjective

doing what one has decided to do, in spite of opposition, criticism etc

a resolute attitude.
resolutely adverb

resoluteness noun

resolve /rəˈzolv/ verb

to make a firm decision (to do something)

prendre la résolution de
I’ve resolved to stop smoking.

to pass (a resolution)

prendre une résolution
It was resolved that women should be allowed to join the society.

to take away (a doubt, fear etc) or produce an answer to (a problem, difficulty etc).

resolved /rəˈzolvd/ adjective


résolu (à)
I am resolved to go and nothing will stop me.



a firm decision

It is his resolve to become a director of this firm.

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