Übersetzung von “result” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounresult /rɪˈzʌlt/
countable-uncountable =consequence; sth that happens because of sth else
résultat masculine

We are closing the store as a result of falling sales.
Nous fermons le magasin par suite d'une baisse des ventes.

Her back pain is the result of years of work in cramped conditions.
Son mal de dos est le résultat d'années de travail dans un espace exigu.
countable plural information found from a test, experiment, or survey, etc.
résultat masculine

the results of my blood test
les résultats de mon analyse de sang

a presidential poll with very interesting results
une élection présidentielle aux résultats intéressants
countable the outcome of a competition or election
résultat masculine

the election results
les résultats de l'élection

The result of the competition will be published next week.
Le résultat du concours sera publié la semaine prochaine.
Brit the final score of a game
résultat masculine

the results of last night's match
les résultats du match d'hier soir


verb intransitiveresult /rɪˈzʌlt/
to be caused by

serious injuries resulting from a lack of safety training
de graves blessures résultant d'un manque de formation à la sécurité

result in

verb phrasalresult in [ rɪˈzʌlt ˌɪn ]
to cause or lead to

a police error that resulted in the release of a dangerous criminal
une erreur de la police qui a entraîné la libération d'un dangereux criminel

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noun /rəˈzalt/

anything which is due to something already done

His deafness is the result of a car accident
He went deaf as a result of an accident
He tried a new method, with excellent results
He tried again, but without result.

the answer to a sum etc

Add all these figures and tell me the result.

the final score

What was the result of Saturday’s match?

(often in plural ) the list of people who have been successful in a competition, of subjects a person has passed or failed in an examination etc

He had very good exam results
The results will be published next week.



(with in) to cause or have as a result

se terminer (par)
The match resulted in a draw.

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