Übersetzung von “review” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounreview /rɪˈvyu/
countable-uncountable an evaluation of a how sth is working
révision feminine

They're doing a review of company strategy.
Il font une révision de la stratégie d'entreprise.
under review
currently being reviewed
en cours de révision

a payment system that is under review
un système de paiement en cours de révision
countable a meeting between an employee and their manager to talk about how the employee is performing
entretien masculine d'évaluation

my annual review
mon entretien d'évaluation annuel
countable an article giving an opinion about a play, movie, etc.
critique feminine

She wrote a review of the play in today's paper.
Elle a écrit une critique de la pièce dans le journal d'aujourd'hui.


verbreview /rɪˈvyu/
transitive to consider sth again to decide if changes are necessary
revoir , reconsidérer

We're reviewing our policy on recycling.
Nous reconsidérons notre politique de recyclage.

to review a decision
reconsidérer/revoir une décision
transitive to state your opinion of a play, movie etc. in writing
faire la critique de

He reviewed the show in last month's New Yorker.
Il a fait la critique du spectacle dans le New Yorker du mois dernier.
transitive-intransitive to study for an exam
réviser , revoir

Tonight I'll just review my notes.
Ce soir, je vais juste revoir mes notes.

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noun /rəˈvjuː/

a written report on a book, play etc giving the writer’s opinion of it

compte rendu
a film/book review.

an inspection of troops etc.


(American) revision; studying or going over one’s notes

I have just enough time for a quick review of my speech
I made a quick review of my notes before the test.
reviewer noun

a person who reviews books etc

critique (littéraire)
Who was the reviewer of the biography of Churchill?



to reconsider

We’ll review the situation at the end of the month.

(American ) to revise; to go over one’s notes, lessons etc in preparation for an examination

I have to review (my notes) for the test tomorrow.

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