Übersetzung von “revive” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb transitive-intransitiverevive /rɪˈvaɪv/
to become or make conscious again
reprendre connaissance , from fainting: ranimer , medically: réanimer

Doctors successfully revived her.
Les médecins ont réussi à la réanimer.

The girl revived and was taken to the hospital.
La fille a repris connaissance et a été transportée à l'hôpital.
to feel or make feel better
(faire) se sentir mieux

A rest was all she needed to revive her.
Du repos était tout ce dont elle avait besoin pour se sentir mieux.
to make exist again or be more lively or successful again
(se) raviver , relancer

Their hopes for winning revived.
Leurs espoirs de victoire se ravivèrent.

new marketing strategies to revive sales
de nouvelles stratégies marketing pour relancer les ventes

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verb /rəˈvaiv/

to come, or bring, back to consciousness, strength, health etc

ranimer, rétablir
They attempted to revive the woman who had fainted
She soon revived
The flowers revived in water
His hopes of seeing her again were revived.

to come or bring back to use etc

This old custom has recently (been) revived.
revival noun

the act of reviving or state of being revived

retour à la vie; réveil
the revival of the invalid / of our hopes.

(a time of) new or increased interest in something

renouveau (religieux)
a religious revival.

(the act of producing) an old and almost forgotten play, show etc.


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