Die Übersetzung von "revolution" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


noun /revəˈluːʃən/

(the act of making) a successful, violent attempt to change or remove a government etc

the American Revolution.

a complete change in ideas, methods etc

There’s been a complete revolution in the way things are done in this office.

a complete circle or turn round a central point, axis etc (eg as made by a record turning on a record-player, or the Earth moving on its axis or round the Sun).

tour, révolution
revolutionary adjective

involving or causing great changes in ideas, methods etc

a revolutionary new process for making paper.

of a revolution against a government etc

revolutionary activities.
revolutionize verb ( revolutionise)

to cause great changes in (ideas, methods etc)

This new machinery will revolutionize the paper-making industry.

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