Übersetzung von “rhyme” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounrhyme /raɪm/
countable a word that has the same sound or ends with the same sound as another
rime feminine

The poet chose "spark" to rhyme with "dark."
Le poète a choisi "ombre" pour rimer avec "pénombre".
uncountable the use of rhymes
vers masculine plural
in rhyme
en vers (rimés)

She tells the story in rhyme.
Elle a raconté l'histoire en vers.
countable a short poem using rhymes
poème masculine

a children's rhyme
une comptine
; see also nursery rhyme


verbrhyme /raɪm/
intransitive to have or end with a similar sound

"Drain" rhymes with "rain."
"Eveil" rime avec "soleil".

Do the two words rhyme?
Est-ce que les deux mots riment ?
intransitive (of a poem) to have words that make rhymes

The poem doesn't rhyme.
Le poème ne rime pas.
transitive to put words together to make a rhyme
faire rimer

Can I rhyme "strong" and "brown"?
Puis-je faire rimer "fort" et "brun" ?

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noun /raim/

a short poem

vers, poème
a book of rhymes for children.

a word which is like another in its final sound(s)

‘Beef’ and leaf are rhymes.

verse or poetry using such words at the ends of the lines

en vers rimés
To amuse his colleagues he wrote his report in rhyme.

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