Übersetzung von “rhythm” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countable-uncountablerhythm /ˈrɪðəm/
the pattern of beats or emphasis in music or poetry
rythme masculine

a song with a funky rhythm
une chanson au rythme funky

Finally, the whole band was playing in rhythm.
Finalement, tout le groupe jouait en rythme.
a pattern that sth follows
rythme masculine

the rhythm of the ocean's tides
le rythme des marées océaniques

Pay attention to your body's rhythms.
Prêter attention aux rythmes de votre corps.


adjectiverhythmic [ ˈrɪðmɪk ]

rhythmic movements
des mouvements rythmiques

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noun /ˈriðəm/

a regular, repeated pattern of sounds, stresses or beats in music, poetry etc

Just listen to the rhythm of those drums
complicated rhythms.

a regular, repeated pattern of movements

The rowers lost their rhythm.

an ability to sing, move etc with rhythm

That girl has got rhythm.
rhythmic adjective ( rhythmical)

of or with rhythm

rythmé, rythmique
rhythmic movement
The dancing was very rhythmical.
rhythmically adverb

de façon rythmée

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