Übersetzung von “ride” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbride /raɪd/ ( pt rode pp ridden )
transitive-intransitive to operate a bicycle or motorcycle
aller à / rouler en

I ride to work most days.
Je vais travailler à vélo / en moto presque tous les jours.

kids riding their bikes
Des enfants roulant à vélo.
transitive to travel on public transportation

How many people in the city ride the buses/trains?
Combien de personnes en ville prennent les bus/trains ?
intransitive to travel in a car, but not as the driver

Come on, you can ride with us.
Viens, tu peux monter avec nous.
transitive-intransitive to control a horse or other animal that you sit on

a woman riding a donkey
une femme montant un âne

Do you know how to ride?
Savez-vous monter ?
transitive to float on top of waves or on currents of air
se laisser porter

seagulls riding the warm air currents
les mouettes se laissant porter par les courants d'air chauds

ride on

verb phrasalride on [ ˈraɪd ˌɒn, ˌɔn ]
to depend on
dépendre de

The company's reputation is riding on this deal.
La réputation de l'entreprise dépend de ce marché.


noun countableride /raɪd/
a trip, especially a short one, in a vehicle, on a bicycle, animal, etc.
tour masculine , trajet masculine , balade feminine

the train ride to New York
le trajet en train jusqu'à New York

Let's go for a ride.
Allons faire un tour.

We took a ride in his new car.
Nous avons fait une balade dans sa nouvelle voiture.
a trip, in which sb takes you where you need to go in their vehicle
bout masculine de chemin

Could you give me a ride home?
Peux-tu me ramener chez moi ?

I got a ride with some guys driving north.
J'ai fait un bout de chemin avec des types qui allaient vers le nord.
a piece of equipment at a fair or amusement park that people ride for enjoyment
manège masculine

There are plenty of rides to chose from.
Il y a beaucoup de manèges parmi lesquels choisir.

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verb /raid/ (past tense rode /roud/, past participle ridden /ˈridn/)

to travel or be carried (in a car, train etc or on a bicycle, horse etc)

aller (à bicyclette, à cheval)
He rides to work every day on an old bicycle
The horsemen rode past.

to (be able to) ride on and control (a horse, bicycle etc)

monter à
Can you ride a bicycle?

to take part (in a horse-race etc)

He’s riding in the first race.

to go out regularly on horseback (eg as a hobby)

monter à cheval
My daughter rides every Saturday morning.
rider noun

riding school noun

a place where people are taught to ride horses.

école d’équitation



a usually short period of riding on or in something

Can I have a ride on your bike?

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