Übersetzung von “ring” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbring /rɪŋ/ ( pt rang pp rung )
intransitive (of a telephone) to make a sound

The phone began to ring.
Le téléphone s'est mis à sonner.
transitive-intransitive to make a bell produce sound, or to produce the sound of a bell

They rang the church bells to celebrate.
Ils ont sonné les cloches de l'église pour célébrer.

The doorbell rang.
On a sonné à la porte.
intransitive (of a place) to be full of sound

The gym rang with the cheers of the crowd.
Le gymnase résonnait des applaudissements du public.
intransitive (of sb's ears) to produce a continuous loud high sound

The loud music left my ears ringing.
La musique forte me laissa les oreilles bourdonnantes.
transitive ( pt pp ringed ) to surround

Tanks ringed the center of the city.
Les tanks ont encerclé le centre de la ville.


noun countablering /rɪŋ/
a piece of jewelry you wear on your finger
anneau masculine , bague feminine

a wedding ring
un anneau de mariage / une alliance

a diamond ring on her right hand
une bague en diamant à sa main droite
sth in the shape of an "O"
anneau masculine , cercle masculine , rond masculine

the rings of dust around Saturn
les anneaux de poussière autour de Saturne

trees planted in a ring
des arbres plantés en cercle
the sound of a bell or an electronic sound like a bell
sonnerie feminine

I answered the phone on the first ring.
J'ai répondu au téléphone à la première sonnerie.
a group involved in an organized criminal activity
cartel masculine , gang masculine

a gambling ring
un cartel de jeu
a platform surrounded by ropes in which boxers fight
ring masculine

The men climbed into the ring.
Les hommes sont montés sur le ring.
give sb a ring
Brit to call sb on the telephone
passer un coup de fil qqn

Give me a ring tomorrow.
Passe-moi un coup de fil demain.
have a/the ring of sth
(of words or what sb says) to have a particular quality
avoir un accent de qqch

The poem's words had a familiar ring.
Les paroles du poème avaient un accent de familiarité.

The piece of advice had the ring of truth to it.
Le conseil sonnait juste.

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noun /riŋ/

a small circle eg of gold or silver, sometimes having a jewel set in it, worn on the finger

anneau, bague
a wedding ring
She wears a diamond ring.

a circle of metal, wood etc for any of various purposes

a scarf-ring
a key-ring
The trap-door had a ring attached for lifting it.

anything which is like a circle in shape

cercle, rond
The children formed a ring round their teacher
The hot teapot left a ring on the polished table.

an enclosed space for boxing matches, circus performances etc

the circus-ring
The crowd cheered as the boxer entered the ring.

a small group of people formed for business or criminal purposes

a drugs ring.
ring binder noun

a looseleaf binder; a stiff cardboard file with metal rings inside for holding loose pages together.

classeur à anneaux
ringlet /-lit/ noun

a long curl of hair.

ring finger noun

the finger on which the wedding ring is worn (usually the third finger of the left hand).

ringleader noun

the leader of a group of people who are doing something wrong

The teacher punished the ringleader.
ringmaster noun

a person who is in charge of performances in a circus ring.

maître de cirque
run rings round

to be very much better at doing something than; to beat easily

battre à plate couture
Barcelona ran rings round Chelsea in their Champions League match.


verb (past tense, past participle ringed)

to form a ring round

A fence ringed the pond.

to put, draw etc a ring round (something)

He has ringed all your errors.

to put a ring on the leg of (a bird) as a means of identifying it.



verb /riŋ/ (past tense rang /raŋ/, past participle rung /raŋ/)

to (cause to) sound

The doorbell rang
He rang the doorbell
The telephone rang.

(often with up) to telephone (someone)

donner un coup de téléphone à
I’ll ring you (up) tonight.

(often with for) to ring a bell (eg in a hotel) to tell someone to come, to bring something etc

She rang for the maid.

(of certain objects) to make a high sound like a bell

The glass rang as she hit it with a metal spoon.

to be filled with sound

résonner, retentir
The hall rang with the sound of laughter.

(often with out) to make a loud, clear sound

His voice rang through the house
A shot rang out.
ring a bell

to have been seen, heard etc before, but not remembered in detail

rappeler qqch. à qqn
His name rings a bell, but I don’t remember where I’ve heard it before.
ring back

to telephone (someone who has telephoned)

rappeler qqn
If he is busy at the moment, he can ring me back
He’ll ring back tomorrow.
ring off

to end a telephone call

He said goodbye and then rang off.
ring true

to sound true

sonner juste
His story does not ring true.



a telephone call

coup de téléphone
I’ll give you a ring.

a suggestion, impression or feeling

air, accent
His story has a ring of truth about it.

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