Die Übersetzung von "ring" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


noun /riŋ/

a small circle eg of gold or silver, sometimes having a jewel set in it, worn on the finger

anneau, bague
a wedding ring
She wears a diamond ring.

a circle of metal, wood etc for any of various purposes

a scarf-ring
a key-ring
The trap-door had a ring attached for lifting it.

anything which is like a circle in shape

cercle, rond
The children formed a ring round their teacher
The hot teapot left a ring on the polished table.

an enclosed space for boxing matches, circus performances etc

the circus-ring
The crowd cheered as the boxer entered the ring.

a small group of people formed for business or criminal purposes

a drugs ring.
ring binder noun

a looseleaf binder; a stiff cardboard file with metal rings inside for holding loose pages together.

classeur à anneaux
ringlet /-lit/ noun

a long curl of hair.

ring finger noun

the finger on which the wedding ring is worn (usually the third finger of the left hand).

ringleader noun

the leader of a group of people who are doing something wrong

The teacher punished the ringleader.
ringmaster noun

a person who is in charge of performances in a circus ring.

maître de cirque
run rings round

to be very much better at doing something than; to beat easily

battre à plate couture
Barcelona ran rings round Chelsea in their Champions League match.

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