Übersetzung von “rip” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbrip /rɪp/ ( ripping, ripped )
transitive-intransitive to tear or cause to tear
(se) déchirer

My shirt ripped.
Ma chemise s'est déchirée.

She ripped the paper in half.
Elle a déchiré le papier en deux.

The bullet ripped a hole in the flag.
La balle a fait un trou dans le drapeau.

He ripped his jacket on a branch.
Il a déchiré sa veste sur une branche.
transitive to pull sth out or away, quickly or with force

"Give me that!" he said ripping the money out of my hands.
"Donne-moi ça." dit-il en m'arrachant l'argent des mains.

rip off

verb phrasalrip off [ ˈrɪp ˈɔf, ˈɒf ]
to cheat sb by taking money from them
informal arnaquer

I think they ripped you off - it shouldn't have cost that much.
Je pense qu'ils vous ont arnaqué ; ça n'aurait pas dû coûter autant.

rip through

verb phrasalrip through [ ˈrɪp ˈθru ]
to pass quickly through, causing damage

a tornado that ripped through the town
une tornade qui a dévasté la ville

rip up

verb phrasalrip up [ ˈrɪp ˈʌp ]
to tear into lots of pieces

She angrily ripped up the letter.
De colère, ele déchira la lettre.


noun countablerip /rɪp/
a hole caused when sth rips
déchirure feminine

a rip in his jeans
une déchirure dans son jean

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verb /rip/ (past tense, past participle ripped)

to make or get a hole or tear in by pulling, tearing etc

(se) déchirer
He ripped his shirt on a branch
His shirt ripped.

to pull (off, up etc) by breaking or tearing

arracher, déchirer
The roof of the car was ripped off in the crash
to rip up floorboards
He ripped open the envelope.

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