Übersetzung von “rise” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb intransitiverise /raɪz/ ( pt rose pp risen )
≠fall; to move upward
monter , s'élever

Heat rises.
La chaleur s'élève.

The kite rose into the air.
Le cerf-volant s'éleva dans les airs.
≠fall; to increase in amount, level, etc.
augmenter , monter

Food prices rose steadily.
Les prix de la nourriture augmentent régulièrement.

She felt her anger rising.
Elle sentit sa colère monter.
≠set; (of the sun or moon) to become higher in the sky
se lever

The sun rises in the east.
Le soleil se lève à l'est.
≠fall; to become more important
s'élever , monter

He rose to power in the early 80s.
Il s'éleva au pouvoir au début des années 80.

a rising sports star
une star montante du sport
to be tall in relation to other objects
se dresser

The city buildings rose above us.
Les immeubles de la ville se dressaient au-dessus de nous.
≠lower; (of sb's voice) to become higher

His voice rose as he got more excited.
Sa voix montait tandis qu'il s'énervait.
formal to stand from a sitting or lying position
se lever

He rose and left the room.
Il se leva et quitta la pièce.
( rise up,) (of a large number of people) to fight against a government
se soulever

The people rose up to fight injustice.
Les gens se soulevèrent pour combattre l'injustice.
rise to the challenge/occasion
to perform well in a difficult situation
se montrer à la hauteur

The exams were tough, but most students rose to the challenge.
Les examens étaient ardus mais la plupart des étudiants se sont montré à la hauteur.

rise above

verb phrasalrise above [ ˈraɪz əˈbʌv ]
to show that you have a strong character in a difficult situation

a resident of the war zone who was able to rise above the violence
un habitant de la zone de conflit qui a été capable de surmonter la violence


nounrise /raɪz/
countable ≠fall; an occasion when sth rises in amount, level, etc.
hausse feminine

a rise in temperature
une hausse de température
on the rise
à la hausse

Unemployment is on the rise.
Le chômage est à la hausse.
≠fall; singular an increase in importance of
ascension feminine , essor masculine

the dictator's rise to power
l'ascension du dictateur au pouvoir

the rise of the Internet
l'essor d'Internet

the rise and fall of the Soviet Union
l'ascension et la chute de l'Union Soviétique
countable Brit raise
augmentation feminine

She's asking for a rise.
Elle demande une augmentation.
≠fall; singular an upward movement
flux masculine

the rise and fall of the ocean
le flux et le reflux de l'océan
give rise to
formal=lead to; to cause

The strong economy gave rise to a new middle class.
La forte économie a engendré une nouvelle classe moyenne.

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verb /raiz/ (past tense rose /rouz/, past participle risen /ˈrizn/)

to become greater, larger, higher etc; to increase

augmenter; monter; lever
Food prices are still rising
If the river rises much more, there will be a flood
Her voice rose to a scream
Bread rises when it is baked
His spirits rose at the good news.

to move upwards

s’élever; se lever
Smoke was rising from the chimney
The birds rose into the air

to get up from bed

se lever
He rises every morning at six o’clock.

to stand up

se lever
The children all rose when the headmaster came in.

(of the sun etc) to appear above the horizon

se lever
The sun rises in the east and sets in the west.

to slope upwards

s’élever, monter
Hills rose in the distance
The ground rises at this point.

to rebel

se soulever contre
The people rose (up) in revolt against the dictator.

to move to a higher rank, a more important position etc

He rose to the rank of colonel.

(of a river) to begin or appear

prendre sa source
The Rhône rises in the Alps.

(of wind) to begin; to become stronger

se lever
Don’t go out in the boat – the wind has risen.

to be built

Office blocks are rising all over the town.

to come back to life

Jesus has risen.
rising noun

the act or rising

the rising of the sun.

a rebellion

The king executed those who took part in the rising.
early/late riser

a person who gets out of bed early or late in the day

lève-tôt; lève-tard
He’s an early riser.
give rise to

to cause

donner lieu/naissance à
This plan has given rise to various problems.
rise to the occasion

to be able to do what is required in an emergency etc

se montrer à la hauteur (des circonstances)
He had never had to make a speech before, but he rose to the occasion magnificently.



an increase in salary or wages

She asked her boss for a rise.

a slope or hill

The house is just beyond the next rise.

the beginning and early development of something

the rise of the Roman Empire.

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