Übersetzung von “risk” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounrisk /rɪsk/
countable-uncountable the possibility of a bad result
risque masculine

the risk of fire
le risque d'incendie

There's the risk that she won't like you.
Il y a le risque qu'elle ne t'aime pas.

There will be significant financial risk.
Il y aura d'importants risques financiers.
at risk
in a situation where there is risk
en danger

His actions put his friends at risk.
Ses actes ont mis ses amis en danger.

a company at risk of bankruptcy
une société qui risque la faillite
at your own risk
knowing that there is risk involved
à vos risques et périls

No lifeguard on duty. Swim at your own risk.
Aucun maître nageur de service. Nagez à vos risques et périls.
run the risk of
to be in a situation involving risk
courir le risque de

If you drink alcohol and drive, you run the risk of losing your license.
Si vous buvez de l'alcool et que vous conduisez, vous courez le risque de perdre votre permis.
take a/the risk
to do sth that you know involves risk
prendre un/le risque

She took a risk, played hard, and won.
Elle a pris un risque, a joué gros et elle a gagné.

users who take the risk of downloading from unsafe websites
les utilisateurs qui prennent le risque de télécharger à partir de sites Web non sécurisés
countable sth that could cause problems
risque masculine

The open sewers are a risk to health.
Les égouts ouverts représentent un risque pour la santé.


verb transitiverisk /rɪsk/
to do sth knowing there is risk

Don't risk your money on their stocks.
Ne risquez pas votre argent sur leurs actions.

She risked being laughed at to say what she believed.
Elle risquait qu'on se moque d'elle en disant ce qu'elle croyait.

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noun /risk/

(a person, thing etc which causes or could cause) danger or possible loss or injury

He thinks we shouldn’t go ahead with the plan because of the risks involved / because of the risk of failure.
risky adverb

possibly causing or bringing loss, injury etc

Motor-racing is a risky business.
at (a person’s) own risk

with the person agreeing to accept any loss, damage etc involved

aux risques et périls de
Cars may be parked here at their owner’s risk.
at risk

in danger; likely to suffer loss, injury etc

Heart disease can be avoided if people at risk take medical advice.
at the risk of

with the possibility of (loss, injury, trouble etc)

au risque de
He saved the little girl at the risk of his own life
At the risk of offending you, I must tell you that I disapprove of your behaviour.
run/take the risk (of)

to do something which involves a risk

courir/prendre le risque (de)
I took the risk of buying that jumper for you – I hope it fits
He didn’t want to run the risk of losing his money.
take risks / take a risk

to do something which might cause loss, injury etc

prendre un/des risque(s)
One cannot be successful in business unless one is willing to take risks.



to take the chance of (something bad happening)

risquer (de)
He was willing to risk death to save his friend
I’d better leave early as I don’t want to risk being late for the play.

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