Übersetzung von “rock” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounrock /rɒk/
countable-uncountable the hard substance that makes up much of the earth's surface, or a piece of this substance
roche feminine , rocher masculine

ancient layers of rock
d'anciennes couches de roche

girls diving off the rocks into the lake
des filles plongeant des rochers dans le lac
uncountable ( rock n' roll,) rock music
rock masculine

I listen to country and rock.
J'écoute de la country et du rock.


verbrock /rɒk/
transitive-intransitive to move or make move with a side-to-side movement
bercer , (se) balancer

The boat rocked gently on the waves.
Le bateau se balançait doucement sur les vagues.

She rocked the baby in her arms.
Elle berçait le bébé dans ses bras.
transitive (of an explosion or earthquake) to make shake
secouer , ébranler

The blast rocked buildings throughout the neighborhood.
L'explosion a ébranlé les immeubles dans tout le quartier.
transitive to surprise or shock with new information

The news of his death rocked Hollywood.
La nouvelle de sa mort a bouleversé Hollywood.
sb/sth rocks!
informal indicates you think sb or sth is great, excellent, etc.
informal qqn/qqch est génial!

Thank you all so much - you rock!
Merci beaucoup à tous ; vous êtes géniaux!

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noun /rok/

(a large lump or mass of) the solid parts of the surface of the Earth

The ship struck a rock and sank
the rocks on the seashore
He built his house on solid rock.

a large stone

The climber was killed by a falling rock.

a type of hard sweet made in sticks

sucre d’orge
a stick of Edinburgh rock.
rockery noun (plural rockeries)

a heap of rocks in a garden with earth between them in which small plants are grown

This plant is ideal for rockeries in moist shady locations.
rocky adjective

a rocky coastline.
rockiness noun

nature rocheuse
rock-bottom noun, adjective

(at) the lowest level possible

(au) niveau le plus bas
Prices have reached rock-bottom
rock-bottom prices.
rock garden noun

a rockery.

(jardin de) rocaille
rock plant noun

any plant which grows among rocks eg on mountains, often also grown in rockeries.

plante de rochers/de rocaille
on the rocks

in a state of ruin or of great financial difficulty

en déconfiture
Their marriage is on the rocks
The firm is on the rocks.


verb /rok/

to (cause to) swing gently backwards and forwards or from side to side

(se) balancer
The mother rocked the cradle
This cradle rocks.

to swing (a baby) gently in one’s arms to comfort it or make it sleep

She rocked the baby to sleep in her arms.

to shake or move violently

The earthquake rocked the building.
rocker noun

one of usually two curved supports on which a cradle, rocking-chair etc rocks.


a rocking-chair.

rocky adjective

which rocks or shakes; unsteady; unsafe

a rocky ride along the muddy track.
rockiness noun

caractère branlant
rocking chair noun

a chair which rocks backwards and forwards on rockers.

rocking horse noun

a toy horse which rocks backwards and forwards on rockers.

cheval à bascule
off one’s rocker

mad; crazy

She must be off her rocker to want to marry him!


noun /rok/

(also rock music) music or songs with a strong, heavy beat and usually a simple melody

(de) rock
She likes rock
(also adjective) a rock band.
rock’n’roll noun

(also rock-and-roll) a simpler, earlier form of rock music.

rock and roll

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