Übersetzung von “room” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounroom /rum, rʊm/
countable one of the areas with walls in a building
pièce feminine , salle feminine

The walls of the room were painted blue.
Les murs de la pièce étaient peints en bleu.

a meeting room
une salle de réunion

She got up and left the room.
Elle se leva et quitta la pièce.
uncountable space to put sth or do sth
place feminine

Is there room for one more person?
Y a-t-il de la place pour une personne de plus ?

There wasn't enough room to run around.
il n'y avait pas assez de place pour courir.
take up room
to use available space
prendre de la place

The couch takes up a lot of room.
Le canapé prend beaucoup de place.
countable a bedroom
chambre feminine

We're staying in Room 406 in the motel.
Nous séjournons dans la chambre 406 du motel.

Do you have any toys in your room?
As-tu des jouets dans ta chambre ?
uncountable the possibility or opportunity to do sth
possibilité feminine

There is no room for doubt/error.
Il n'y a pas de doute / d'erreur possible.

Kids need room to explore their feelings.
Il faut laisser aux enfants la possibilité d'examiner leurs sentiments.
room and board
money you pay to stay and eat somewhere
pension feminine

College tuition does not include room and board.
Les cours à l'université n'incluent pas la pension.

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noun /ruːm (in compounds rum, (American) ruːm)/

one part of a house or building, usually used for a particular purpose

pièce; chambre; salle (à manger)
This house has six rooms
a dining-room.

the space or area in which a person, thing etc is or could be put etc

The bed takes up a lot of room
There’s no room for you in our car
We’ll move the bookcase to make room for the television.

a need or possibility (for something)

There is room for improvement in his work.

de (…) pièces
a four-roomed house.
roomful noun

pleine salle (de)
He didn’t feel like facing a roomful of people.
rooms noun plural

a set of rented rooms for living in.

roomy adjective

having plenty of room

roomy cupboards.
room-mate noun

a person who shares a room with another person eg in a hostel for students etc.

camarade de chambre

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