Übersetzung von “rough” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


adjectiverough /rʌf/
≠smooth; having bumps or an uneven surface
rêche , rugueux/-euse

a rough road
une route cahoteuse

My skin felt dry and rough.
Ma peau était sèche et rêche au toucher.
=approximate; (of a calculation or guess) not exact

a rough estimate of the price
une estimation approximative du prix

I only had a rough idea of what to do.
Je n'avais qu'une idée approximative de ce que je devais faire.
informal =tough; (of a situation) difficult to deal with

She had a rough childhood.
Elle a eu une enfance difficile.
≠gentle; too forceful or violent
violent/-ente , brutal/-ale

their rough treatment of the animals
le traitement brutal des animaux
(of an area) full of violence

one of the roughest parts of town
une des parties les plus agitées de la ville
(of the ocean) with lots of waves

a ship sailing in rough seas
un bateau naviguant dans des mers agitées
not finished or perfected
brut/brute , grossier/-ière

a rough wooden carving
une sculpture de bois brute/grossière

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adjective /raf/

not smooth

rugueux, rêche
Her skin felt rough.


a rough path.

harsh; unpleasant

brusque; rude
a rough voice
She’s had a rough time since her husband died.

noisy and violent

violent, brutal
rough behaviour.


houleux, mauvais
The sea was rough
rough weather.

not complete or exact; approximate

ébauché, approximatif
a rough drawing
a rough idea/estimate.
roughly adverb

roughness noun

roughage /-fidʒ/ noun

substances in food, eg bran or fibre, which help digestion.

aliments de lest
roughen verb

to make or become rough

devenir rude/houleux
The sea roughened as the wind rose.
rough diamond

a person of fine character but rough manners.

personne aimable sous des dehors frustes
rough-and-ready adjective

not carefully made or finished, but good enough

de fortune
a rough-and-ready meal.

(of people) friendly enough but without politeness etc.

sans façon
rough-and-tumble noun

friendly fighting between children etc

the rough-and-tumble of bike racing.
rough it

to live for a period of time without the comforts or conveniences of modern life

vivre à la dure
They roughed it in the jungles for two months.
rough out

to draw or explain roughly

I roughed out a diagram
He roughed out his plan.



uneven or uncultivated ground on a golf course

I lost my ball in the rough.

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