Übersetzung von “ruin” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb transitiveruin /ˈruɪn/
to spoil or damage
ruiner , abîmer , gâcher

I ruined my white skirt when I spilt wine on it.
J'ai abîmé ma chemise blanche quand j'ai renversé du vin dessus.

Smoking can ruin your health.
Fumer peut vous ruiner la santé.
to cause sb to lose all their money

High bills that almost ruined our business.
Des factures élevées qui ont failli ruiné notre entreprise.


nounruin /ˈruɪn/
countable the remains of a building that has fallen down or been destroyed
ruine feminine

the ruins of an old castle
les ruines d'un vieux château
uncountable when sb loses all their money
ruine feminine

a family facing financial ruin
une famille confrontée à la ruine
in ruins
in a very bad condition or destroyed
en ruines

She felt her life was in ruins.
Elle avait le sentiment que sa vie était en ruines.

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noun /ˈruːin/

a broken, collapsed or decayed state

the ruin of a city.

a cause of collapse, decay etc

Drink was his ruin.

financial disaster; complete loss of money

The company is facing ruin.
ruination noun

ruined adjective

collapsed; decayed

en ruine
ruined houses.

completely spoiled

My dress is ruined!
ruins noun plural

collapsed and decayed buildings

the ruins of the castle.
in ruins

in a ruined state

en ruine
The town lay in ruins.



to spoil; to treat too indulgently

You are ruining that child!

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