Übersetzung von “safe” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


adjectivesafe /seɪf/
not dangerous
sans danger , sûr/sûre

Is it safe to go into the building?
Est-ce sans danger d'entrer dans l'immeuble ?

How safe is your workplace?
Dans quelle mesure ton lieu de travail est-il sûr ?

Have a safe trip.
Faites un bon voyage.
not in danger
en sécurité , en sûreté

Don't worry, Pauline will be safe with me.
Ne t'inquiète pas, Pauline sera en sécurité avec moi.

I knew the money was safe at home.
Je savais que l'argent était en sûreté à la maison.
in a safe place
in a place where sth cannot be stolen, damaged, etc.
dans un endroit sûr

Keep your passport in a safe place.
Conservez votre passeport dans un endroit sûr.


noun countablesafe /seɪf/
a strong box that can be locked
coffre-fort masculine

He forced her to unlock the safe.
Il l'a forcée à ouvrir le coffre-fort.

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adjective /seif/

(negative unsafe) protected, or free (from danger etc)

à l’abri (de)
The children are safe from danger in the garden.

providing good protection

You should keep your money in a safe place.


The missing child has been found safe and well.

not likely to cause harm

sans danger
These pills are safe for children.

(of a person) reliable

a safe driver
He’s a very fast driver, but he’s safe enough.
safeness noun

safely adverb

without harm or risk

sans accident
He got home safely.
safety noun

the state of being safe

(de) sécurité
I worry about the children’s safety on these busy roads
a place of safety
(also adjective) safety goggles
safety helmet.
safeguard noun

anything that gives security or protection

garantie (contre)
a safeguard against burglary.
safety belt noun

a fixed belt in a car or aircraft used to keep a passenger from being thrown out of the seat in an accident, crash etc

ceinture de sécurité
safety lamp

a type of lamp used in mines that does not set fire to any inflammable gases there.

lampe de sûreté
safety measures noun plural

mesures de sécurité
They took safety measures to prevent another accident
safety-pin noun

a pin that has a cover over its point when it is closed.

épingle de sûreté
safety valve

a valve eg on a pressure cooker that opens if the pressure of the steam in it becomes too great.

soupape de sûreté
be on the safe side

to avoid risk or danger

pour plus de sûreté
I’ll lock the door just to be on the safe side.
safe and sound


sain et sauf
He returned safe and sound.


noun /seif/

a heavy metal chest or box in which money etc can be locked away safely

There is a small safe hidden behind that picture on the wall.

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