Die Übersetzung von "salt" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


noun /soːlt/

(also common salt) sodium chloride, a white substance frequently used for seasoning

The soup needs more salt.

any other substance formed, like common salt, from a metal and an acid.


a sailor, especially an experienced one

(vieux) loup de mer
an old salt.
salted adjective

(negative unsalted) containing or preserved with salt

salted butter
salted beef.
saltness noun

salure, salinité
salty adjective

containing or tasting of salt

Tears are salty water.
saltiness noun

salure, salinité
bath salts

a usually perfumed mixture of certain salts added to bath water.

sels de bain
the salt of the earth

a very good or worthy person

le sel de la terre
People like her are the salt of the earth.
take (something) with a grain/pinch of salt

to receive (a statement, news etc) with a slight feeling of disbelief

prendre (qqch.) avec un grain de sel
I took his story with a pinch of salt.

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