Übersetzung von “satisfy” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb transitivesatisfy /ˈsætɪsˌfaɪ/ ( satisfies, satisfied )
to provide sth that is needed or wanted

a snack that will satisfy your hunger
un en-cas qui va combler ta faim

Her explanation satisfied my curiosity.
Son explication a satisfait ma curiosité.

I have to take two more classes to satisfy the graduation requirement.
Je dois suivre deux cours supplémentaires pour satisfaire aux exigences d'obtention du diplôme.
to make happy
donner satisfaction

The money was enough to satisfy most of the angry customers.
L'argent suffit à donner satisfaction à la plupart des clients en colère.
to give sb enough information to be sure sth is true
convaincre , assurer

She had satisfied herself that everything was accurate.
Elle s'était assurée que tout était exact.

(Übersetzung von “satisfy” aus dem GLOBAL English-French Dictionary © 2014 K Dictionaries Ltd)


verb /ˈsӕtisfai/

to give (a person) enough of what is wanted or needed to take away hunger, curiosity etc

The apple didn’t satisfy my hunger
I told him enough to satisfy his curiosity.

to please

She is very difficult to satisfy.
satisfaction /-ˈfӕkʃən/ noun

the act of satisfying or state of being satisfied

the satisfaction of desires.

pleasure or contentment

Your success gives me great satisfaction.
satisfactory /-ˈfӕktəri/ adjective

(negative unsatisfactory) giving satisfaction; good enough to satisfy

Your work is not satisfactory
The condition of the sick man is satisfactory.
satisfactorily /-ˈfӕktə-/ adverb

de manière satisfaisante
satisfied adjective

(sometimes with with) pleased

I’m satisfied with his progress
a satisfied customer.
satisfying adjective


The story had a satisfying ending.

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