Übersetzung von “save” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbsave /seɪv/
transitive to not use too much

Turn off the lights to save energy.
Eteignez les lumières pour économiser l'énergie.
save sb sth
to cause sb to be able to not use too much
faire gagner qqch à qqn

If you plan ahead, it will save you time and money later.
Si tu t'y prends à l'avance, cela te fera gagner du temps et de l'argent plus tard.
transitive-intransitive to regularly put money in a bank for the future
mettre de côté

parents who encourage their children to save
les parents qui encouragent leurs enfants à mettre de côté

Save half of the money you earn.
Mets de côté la moitié de l'argent que tu gagnes.
; see also savings
transitive to stop from being killed or harmed

doctors who save lives
les médecins qui sauvent des vies

The man saved me from drowning.
L'homme m'a sauvé de la noyade.

a campaign to save the whales/rainforests
une campagne pour sauver les baleines / forêts tropicales
transitive to keep for the future

I save all my old passports.
Je garde tous mes vieux passeports.

Let's save these books to read tomorrow.
Gardons ces livres pour les lire demain.
save the best for last
to leave your favorite thing to do or have last
garder le meilleur pour la fin
transitive-intransitive to make a computer store a piece of information

Don't forget to save.
N'oubliez pas de sauvegarder.

Did you save the file?
As-tu sauvegardé ce fichier ?
transitive to keep for sb else
garder , réserver

Did you save me a piece of cake?
Est-ce que tu m'as gardé un morceau de gâteau ?

My friend saved my place in line.
Mon ami a gardé ma place dans la file d'attente.
transitive to make it easy for sb to avoid doing or experiencing
éviter , épargner

I'll do it and save you the trouble/hassle.
Je vais le faire et ten épargner la peine.

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verb /seiv/

to rescue or bring out of danger

He saved his friend from drowning
The house was burnt but he saved the pictures.

to keep (money etc) for future use

He’s saving (his money) to buy a bicycle
They’re saving for a house.

to prevent the using or wasting of (money, time, energy etc)

Frozen foods save a lot of trouble
I’ll telephone and that will save me writing a letter.

in football etc, to prevent the opposing team from scoring a goal

empêcher de marquer
The goalkeeper saved six goals.

to free from the power of sin and evil.


to keep data in the computer.

saver noun

a person or thing that saves, avoids waste etc

The telephone is a great time-saver.
saving noun

a way of saving money etc or the amount saved in this way

It’s a great saving to be able to make one’s own clothes.
savings noun plural

money saved up

He keeps his savings in the bank.
saviour /ˈseivjə/ noun (American savior)

(usually with capital ) a person or god who saves people from sin, hell etc.


a person who rescues a person etc from danger etc

He was the saviour of his country.
saving grace

a good quality that makes up for a fault

chose qui rachète
His speeches are boring but they have the saving grace of being short.
savings account

an account in a bank or post office on which interest is paid.

compte d’épargne
savings bank

a bank that receives small savings and gives interest.

caisse d’épargne
save up

to save

He’s been saving up for a new bike.


preposition, conjunction /seiv/


sauf (que)
All save him had gone
We have no news save that the ship reached port safely.

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