Übersetzung von “say” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbsay /seɪ/ ( pt pp said )
transitive-intransitive to speak or speak words

What did you say?
Qu'est-ce que tu as dit ?

I said, "Where are you?"
J'ai dit "Où es-tu ?".

As I said to Annie, I've never been so mad.
Comme je l'ai dit à Annie, je n'ai jamais été aussi furieux.
transitive (of sth with writing or numbers on it) to give a particular piece of information

The clock said 2:46.
L'horloge indiquait 2h46.

The email says that we should all be at the meeting.
L'email dit que nous devrions tous être à la réunion.
say how/what/where etc.
dire/indiquer comment/que/où etc.

Do the instructions say what to do next?
Est-ce que les instructions disent/indiquent ce qu'il faut faire ensuite ?
transitive to form a judgment, opinion, or estimate

It's hard to say how long we were there.
Il est difficile de dire combien de temps nous sommes restés là.

I'd say she's about 4 years old.
Je dirais qu'elle a environ 4 ans.
transitive to indicate sth without making a direct statement

Your actions say a lot about the kind of person you are.
Nos actions en disent long sur le genre de personne que nous sommes.

What do you think the poet is trying to say?
Que pensez-vous que le poète esaie de dire ?
transitive =imagine; used to give an example
dire , supposer

Say you had six apples, and someone took two.
Disons que tu avais six pommes et que quelqu'un en a pris deux.

Let's say you win the prize - what would you do with the money?
Supposons que tu gagnes le prix ; que ferais-tu avec l'argent ?
I have to say (that)/I must say (that)
emphasizes sth you are about to say
je dois dire

I have to say that I didn't think she sang very well.
Je dois dire que je ne trouve pas qu'elle chante très bien.
sth says it all
sth tells you what is most important about a situation or person
qqch veut tout dire

The huge smile on her face said it all.
Le grand sourire sur son visage veut tout dire.
say sth to yourself
to think sth privately
se dire qqch

"I'll win next time," she said to herself.
"La prochaine fois, je gagnerai." se dit-elle.
to say the least
indicates what you have just said does not express sth strongly enough
être le moins qu'on puisse dire

The lecture was confusing, to say the least.
La conférence était pour le moins embrouillée.
that said/having said that
indicates you admit that sth different to what you have just said is also true
ceci (étant) dit

I wouldn't really call him a friend. That said, we do work together very well.
Je ne l'appellerais pas vraiment un ami. Ceci dit, nous travaillons très bien ensemble.


nounsay /seɪ/singular
the expression of a feeling or opinion
mot masculine à dire
have your say
to be allowed to express sth
avoir son mot à dire

We let all the students have their say.
Nous laissons tous les étudiants s'exprimer.
have some/any/no say in
to have some/any/no right to express sth
avoir / ne pas avoir voix au chapitre

We had very little say in the matter.
Nous n'avions pas tellement voix au chapitre dans cette affaire.

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verb /sei/ (3rd person singular present tense says /sez/, past tense, past participle said /sed/)

to speak or utter

What did you say?
She said ‘Yes’.

to tell, state or declare

She said how she had enjoyed meeting me
She is said to be very beautiful.

to repeat

The child says her prayers every night.

to guess or estimate

I can’t say when he’ll return.
saying noun

something often said, especially a proverb etc.

have (also to say for oneself)

to be able/unable to explain one’s actions etc

garder en réserve
Your work is very careless – what have you to say for yourself?
I wouldn’t say no to

I would like

n’être pas de refus
I wouldn’t say no to an ice-cream.
(let’s) say

roughly; approximately; about

You’ll arrive there in, (let’s) say, three hours.
say the word

I’m ready to obey your wishes

n’avoir qu’un mot à dire
If you’d like to go with me, say the word.
that is to say

in other words; I mean

He was here last Thursday, that’s to say the 4th of June.

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