Übersetzung von “scale” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounscale /skeɪl/
countable a range of numbers for measuring things and comparing them to others
échelle feminine

an earthquake measuring 4.5 on the Richter scale
un tremblement de terre mesurant 4,5 sur l'échelle de Richter

On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd give the movie a 9.
Sur une échelle de 1 à 10, je donnerais un 9 à ce film.
uncountable singular the extent or degree of sth
échelle feminine , ampleur feminine

widespread flooding on a scale that has never been seen before
une inondation généralisée sur une échelle qu'on n'a jamais vue auparavant

The scale of the project is impressive.
L'ampleur du projet est impressionnante.
countable ( scales plural ) a device for weighing things
for objects: balance feminine , for people: pèse-personne masculine

I stood on the bathroom scales.
Je me tenais debout sur le pèse-personne de la salle de bain.
countable one of many small, flat, thin pieces that form the skin on some animals
écaille feminine

fish scales
écailles de poisson
countable a set of marks in a row, used to measure distance or amount
graduation feminine

the scale on a thermometer
la graduation sur un thermomètre

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noun /skeil/

a set of regularly spaced marks made on something (eg a thermometer or a ruler) for use as a measure; a system of numbers, measurement etc

This thermometer has two scales marked on it, one in Fahrenheit and one in Centigrade.

a series or system of items of increasing or decreasing size, value etc

a wage/salary scale.

in music, a group of notes going up or down in order

The boy practised his scales on the piano.

the size of measurements on a map etc compared with the real size of the country etc shown by it

In a map drawn to the scale 1:50,000, one centimetre represents half a kilometre.

the size of an activity

These guns are being manufactured on a large scale.


verb /skeil/

to climb (a ladder, cliff etc)

The prisoner scaled the prison walls and escaped.


noun /skeil/

any of the small thin plates or flakes that cover the skin of fishes, reptiles etc

A herring’s scales are silver in colour.
scaly adjective

(of fish etc) covered with scales.


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