Übersetzung von “scare” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbscare /skɛər/
transitive to make feel afraid
effrayer , faire peur à

He jumped out and tried to scare us.
Il bondit hors de sa cachette pour essayer de nous faire peur.
; see also scared
intransitive to become frightened

The horse doesn't scare easily.
Le cheval ne s'effraie pas facilement.

scare away/off

verb phrasalscare away/off [ ˈskɛər əˈweɪ/ˈɔf, ˈɒf ]
to make leave a place by scaring
faire fuir

He yelled to try to scare the bear away.
Il hurla pour tenter de faire fuir l'ours.


noun countablescare /skɛər/
a situation in which sb is frightened
peur feminine , alerte feminine

We had a scare yesterday when her fever got very high.
Nous avons eu une alerte hier lorsque sa fièvre est montée très haut.
a bomb scare
when sb says there is a bomb nearby
une alerte à la bombe

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verb /skeə/

to startle or frighten

faire peur (à)
You’ll scare the baby if you shout
His warning scared her into obeying him.
scared adjective


qui a peur (de), apeuré
I’m scared of spiders
a scared little girl.
scarecrow noun

a figure set up eg in a field, to scare away birds and stop them eating the seeds etc.

scaremonger noun

a person who spreads alarming rumours.

scare away/off

to make go away or stay away because of fear

faire fuir
The birds were scared away by the dog.



a feeling of fear or panic among a large number of people

a smallpox scare.

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