Übersetzung von “scene” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countablescene /sin/
a part of a movie or play in which a particular action takes place
scène feminine

the fight/chase/love scene at the end
la scène de combat/poursuite / d'amour à la fin
sth you can see from a particular position
scène feminine

the scene of happiness we saw as we walked in
la scène de bonheur que nous vîmes en entrant
what is shown in a painting, picture, etc.
scène feminine

a farming scene in an old photograph
une scène agricole sur une photographie ancienne
the place where sth bad has happened
scène feminine , lieu masculine

the scene of the accident/crime
la scène / le lieu de l'accident / la scène du crime
behind the scenes
away from the public or the media
en coulisses

a political deal made behind the scenes
un marché politique conclu en coulisses
make a scene
to noisily show emotion
faire une scène , se donner en spectacle

Stop yelling - you're making a scene.
Cesse de hurler ; tu te donnes en spectacle.

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noun /siːn/

the place where something real or imaginary happens

A murderer sometimes revisits the scene of his crime
The scene of this opera is laid/set in Switzerland.

an incident etc which is seen or remembered

He recalled scenes from his childhood.

a show of anger

I was very angry but I didn’t want to make a scene.

a view of a landscape etc

The sheep grazing on the hillside made a peaceful scene.

one part or division of a play etc

The hero died in the first scene of the third act of the play.

the setting or background for a play etc

Scene-changing must be done quickly.

a particular area of activity

the academic/business scene.
scenery noun

the painted background for a play etc on a stage

The scenery looked rather shabby.

the general appearance of a landscape etc

beautiful scenery.
scenic adjective

of scenery, real or theatrical

clever scenic effects in the film.

having beautiful scenery

a scenic highway.
behind the scenes

out of sight of the audience or public

dans les coulisses
We were given a tour behind the scenes at the opera house.
come on the scene

to arrive

faire son apparition
We were enjoying ourselves till she came on the scene.
scenery is never used in the plural.

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