Übersetzung von “score” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbscore /skɔr/
transitive-intransitive to get a point in a sport, competition, etc.

The basketball team scored twice in the first minute.
L'équipe de basketball a marqué à deux reprises durant la première minute.

He scored two points for his answer.
Il a obtenu deux points pour sa réponse.
intransitive to achieve a particular level on a test or examination
obtenir un résultat

I scored high/low in the oral exam.
J'ai bien/mal réussi l'examen oral.
transitive-intransitive to achieve a good result

the battle in which the general scored his biggest success
la bataille durant laquelle le général a remporté son plus grand succès

I scored a couple of tickets to the game.
J'ai remporté deux billets pour le match.


noun countablescore /skɔr, skoʊr/
the total points for each side in a game
score masculine

The score was 3 to 2.
Le score a été de 3 à 2.
keep score
to record points
marquer les points

Who's keeping score?
Qui marque les points ?
the written copy of a piece of music
partition feminine

the score for the movie
la partition pour le film

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noun /skoː/ (plurals scores, score)

the number of points, goals etc gained in a game, competition etc

The cricket score is 59 for 3.

a written piece of music showing all the parts for instruments and voices

the score of an opera.

a set or group of twenty

There was barely a score of people there.
scorer noun

a person who scores points, goals etc

marqueur/-euse (de buts)
Our team scored two goals – Rooney and Johnson were the scorers.

a person who writes down the score during eg a cricket match.

scoreboard noun

a usually large board on which the score is shown at a cricket match, a quiz-programme etc.

on that score

for that reason

à cet égard
He’s perfectly healthy, so you don’t need to worry on that score.
scores (of)

very many

des tas de
She received scores of letters about her radio programme.
settle old scores

to get revenge for past wrongs

régler des vieux comptes
I have some old scores to settle with you.



(sometimes with offor out) to remove (eg a name) from eg a list by putting a line through it

Please could you score my name off (the list)?
Is that word meant to be scored out?

to keep score

marquer les points
Will you score for us, please?

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