Übersetzung von “scout” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countablescout /skaʊt/
a member of a group who is sent out to get information for the group
éclaireur masculine

The scout reported the enemy's position.
L'éclaireur a signalé la position de l'ennemi.
sb who's job is to find new and talented performers, sports players, etc.
découvreur/-euse masculine-feminine de talents

a talent scout
un découvreur de talent

Several professional scouts were at the game.
Plusieurs découvreurs de talents professionnels étaient au match.
a Boy Scout or Girl Scout
éclaireur/-euse masculine-feminine

I was a scout.
J'ai été éclaireur.

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noun /skaut/

a person, aircraft etc sent out to bring in information, spy etc

The scouts reported that there were Indians nearby.

(with capital

formerly Boy Scout) a member of the Scout Movement, an organization of boys formed to develop alertness and strong character.

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