Übersetzung von “scramble” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb intransitivescramble /ˈskræmbəl/
to move using your hands and feet
avancer en s'aidant des pieds et des mains

They scrambled down the rocky slope.
Ils ont descendu la pente rocailleuse en s'aidant des pieds et des mains.
to try with difficulty to move somewhere or do sth
se démener

The kids scrambled to get out of the way.
Les enfants se sont démenés pour s'écarter du chemin.

The movie's producers are scrambling to find more money.
Les producteurs du film se démènent pour trouver davantage d'argent.

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verb /ˈskrӕmbl/

to crawl or climb quickly, using arms and legs

grimper à quatre pattes
They scrambled up the slope
He scrambled over the rocks.

to move hastily

bouger précipitament
He scrambled to his feet.

(with for) to rush, or struggle with others, to get

(se) bousculer pour avoir qqch.
The boys scrambled for the ball.

to distort (a telephone message etc) so that it can only be received and understood with a special receiver.

scrambler noun

a device for scrambling telephone messages.

scrambled egg(s)

beaten eggs cooked with milk and butter until thick.

oeufs brouillés

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