Übersetzung von “scratch” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbscratch /skrætʃ/
transitive-intransitive to push your nails back and forth across your skin

The boy scratched his mosquito bite.
Le garçon grattait sa piqûre de moustique.

a dog scratching behind his ear
un chien se grattant derrière l'oreille
transitive to injure or damage slightly with sth sharp
to damage: érafler , to injure: égratigner

She scratched her leg on a thorn.
Elle s'est égratigné la jambe sur une épine.

A rock scratched the car's paint.
Un rocher a éraflé la peinture de la voiture.
transitive to make a mark with sth sharp

kids scratching their names into a tree
des enfants gravant leurs noms sur un arbre
intransitive to make an unpleasant dry sound

The old recording scratched and crackled.
Le vieil enregistrement grinçait et craquait.
transitive informal to cancel

The committee scratched the plans for a new baseball field.
Le comité a annulé le projet de nouveau terrain de baseball.


noun countablescratch /skrætʃ/
a slight cut or mark made by sth sharp
égratignure feminine , éraflure feminine

a scratch on her face
une égratignure sur son visage

a scratch in the table
une éraflure sur la table

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verb /skrӕtʃ/

to mark or hurt by drawing a sharp point across

The cat scratched my hand
How did you scratch your leg?
I scratched myself on a rose bush.

to rub to relieve itching

(se) gratter
You should try not to scratch insect bites.

to make by scratching

He scratched his name on the rock with a sharp stone.

to remove by scratching

She threatened to scratch his eyes out.

to withdraw from a game, race etc

That horse has been scratched.
scratchy adjective

scratchiness noun

scratch the surface

to deal too slightly with a subject

effleurer (un sujet)
We started to discuss the matter, but only had time to scratch the surface.
start from scratch

to start (an activity etc) from nothing, from the very beginning, or without preparation

partir de zéro
He now has a very successful business but he started from scratch.
up to scratch

at or to the required or satisfactory standard

à la hauteur
Your work does not come up to scratch.



a slight wound

I hurt myself, but it’s only a scratch.

in certain races or competitions, the starting point for people with no handicap or advantage.

ligne de départ

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