Übersetzung von “screen” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounscreen /skrin/
countable the part of a TV, computer, etc. on which the picture appears
écran masculine

Click on the icon at the top of the screen.
Cliquez sur l'icône sur le haut de l'écran.
countable a large white surface used for showing movies
écran masculine

Suddenly the screen went black.
Soudain l'écran devint noir.
uncountable singular movies in general
cinéma masculine , grand écran masculine

He'd never seen himself on screen.
Il ne s'était jamais vu au cinéma.

stars of the screen and television
des stars du cinéma / grand écran et de la télévision
countable a panel of fine wire material, that fits into a window to keep insects out
moustiquaire feminine

to put the screens in the windows
mettre les moustiquaires aux fenêtres
countable a panel used to separate two parts of a room
paravent masculine

She dressed behind a screen.
Elle s'est habillée derrière un paravent.


verb transitivescreen /skrin/
to do sth to prevent unwanted or unsuitable things from getting through
contrôler , filtrer

The company screens all job applicants for criminal background.
La société contrôle le casier judiciaire de tous les candidats à un emploi.

The secretary is screening my phone calls.
La secrétaire filtre mes appels.
to check regularly for a disease
faire passer des tests de dépistage

The athletes were all screened for asthma.
Les athlètes ont tous passé des tests de dépistage de l'asthme.
to show a movie or TV show

When they first screened the movie, audiences hated it.
Quand ils ont projeté le film pour la première fois, les publics l'ont détesté.

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noun /skriːn/

a flat, movable, often folding, covered framework for preventing a person etc from being seen, for decoration, or for protection from heat, cold etc

Screens were put round the patient’s bed
a tapestry fire-screen.

anything that so protects etc a person etc

He hid behind the screen of bushes

the surface on which films or television pictures appear

screenplay noun

the script of a film.

the screen adjective (etc)

screen actors.

(de l’)écran



to make or show a cinema film

porter à l’écran; projeter
The film will be screened nationwide.

to test for loyalty, reliability etc.

passer au crible

to test for a disease

Women should be regularly screened for cancer.

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