Übersetzung von “sea” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounsea /si/
the ocean
mer feminine

a house with a view of the sea
une maison avec vue sur la mer

I love swimming in the sea.
J'adore nager dans la mer.

sea animals/creatures
les animaux marins
at sea
on a ship or boat
en mer

They were at sea for three weeks.
Ils sont restés en mer pendant trois semaines.
used in the names of particular parts of the ocean
Mer feminine

the North Sea
la Mer du Nord
used in the names of particular parts of the ocean
Mer feminine

the North Sea
la Mer du Nord
a large area of water surrounded by land
mer feminine

the Dead Sea
la Mer Morte
a sea of
a large number or amount of
une foule de

a sea of paperwork
une foule de tâches administratives

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noun /siː/

(often with the) the mass of salt water covering most of the Earth’s surface

mer; marin
I enjoy swimming in the sea
over land and sea
The sea is very deep here
(also adjective) A whale is a type of large sea animal.

a particular area of sea

the Baltic Sea
These fish are found in tropical seas.

a particular state of the sea

seaward(s) adverb

towards the sea; away from the land

vers le large
The yacht left the harbour and sailed seawards.
seaboard noun

the seacoast

the eastern seaboard of the United States.
sea breeze

a breeze blowing from the sea towards the land.

brise du large
seafaring adjective

of work or travel on ships

a seafaring man.
seafood noun

fish, especially shellfish.

fruits de mer
seafront noun

a promenade or part of a town with its buildings facing the sea

front de mer
a house on the seafront.
sea-going adjective

designed and equipped for travelling on the sea

a sea-going yacht.
seagull noun

a gull.

sea level

the level of the surface of the sea used as a base from which the height of land can be measured

niveau de la mer
three hundred metres above sea level.
sealion noun

a type of large seal.

seaman noun (plural seamen)

a sailor, especially a member of a ship’s crew who is not an officer.

seaport noun

a port on the coast.

port de mer
seashell noun

the (empty) shell of a sea creature.

seashore noun

the land close to the sea.

seasick adjective

ill because of the motion of a ship at sea

qui a le mal de mer
Were you seasick on the voyage?
seasickness noun

mal de mer
seaside noun

(usually with the) a place beside the sea

bord de mer
We like to go to the seaside in the summer.
seaweed noun

plants growing in the sea

The beach was covered with seaweed.
seaworthy adjective

(negative unseaworthy) (of a ship) suitably built and in good enough condition to sail at sea

en état de naviguer
a seaworthy vessel.
seaworthiness noun

bon état de navigabilité
at sea

on a ship and away from land

en mer
He has been at sea for four months.

puzzled or bewildered

Can I help you? You seem all at sea.
go to sea

to become a sailor

devenir marin
He wants to go to sea.
put to sea

to leave the land or a port

prendre la mer
They planned to put to sea the next day.

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