Übersetzung von “seat” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countableseat /sit/
an object sb sits on
siège masculine

Is this seat taken?
Est-ce que ce siège est occupé ?

a bicycle seat
une selle de bicyclette
a place to sit on public transportation or at an event
place feminine

There are seats in the back of the bus.
Il y a des places à l'arrière du bus.

front row seats
des places au premier rang
a position in an organization that makes laws
siège masculine

The Democrat won the Senate seat.
Le Démocrate a remporté le siège au Sénat.


verb transitiveseat /sit/
to have enough seats for a particular number of people
pouvoir accueillir

a stadium that seats 50,000 spectators
un stade qui peut acccueillir 50 000 spectateurs
to arrange for sb to sit in a particular place

I've seated her father next to me.
J'ai placé son père à côté de moi.

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noun /siːt/

something for sitting on

Are there enough seats for everyone?

the part of a chair etc on which the body sits

This chair-seat is broken.

(the part of a garment covering) the buttocks

derrière; fond
I’ve got a sore seat after all that horse riding
a hole in the seat of his trousers.

a place in which a person has a right to sit

place; siège
two seats for the play
a seat in Parliament
a seat on the board of the company.

a place that is the centre of some activity etc

haut lieu
Universities are seats of learning.

having seats for

à (…) places
The bus is a thirty-seater.
seating noun

the supply or arrangement of seats

répartition des places
She arranged the seating for the lecture.
seat belt

in a car, aeroplane etc, a safety-belt which will hold a person in his seat in an accident etc

ceinture de sécurité
Please fasten your seatbelts.
take a seat

to sit down

Please take a seat!



to have seats for

permettre tant de places assises
Our table seats eight.

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